Wood Shingle Roofing

If you are looking for the most traditional look for your home, wood shingles should be high on your list.  They have the ability to blend in well with the surrounding landscape since they are made from a natural material (wood) and they exhibit the same properties as the trees and other natural objects surrounding your home.  The most common species of wood used is cedar (Red Cedar, Eastern White Cedar and Yellow Cedar).  There are also composite shingles available that are made to look similar to cedar.  Either way, this material will be a good option for those who have traditional homes and who live in neighborhoods with similar roofing architectural styles. 

Wood Shingle Installation

Wood shingles are sawn from logs and are typically 1/2 inches thick (thinner than wood shakes).   They require professional installation and can be more costly to install than other roofing materials.  If the workmanship is poor, the life expectancy of the roof will decrease dramatically.  For proper installation, wood shingles require open sheathing which allows air to flow in and around the boards to reduce moisture and mold/moss buildup.  Open sheathing is simply using boards (usually 1' x 6') that are spaced apart to secure the shingles to.  Make sure you use a trusted roofing contractor who has references to install your roof. 

Wood Shingle Care and Maintenance

The benefits of natural wood appearance do come at somewhat of a cost.  What is that cost?  Maintenance.  Wood shingles have a tendency to gather moss and mildew so they need to be washed periodically.  Following the wash, it is important to re-oil the shingles to seal them and keep them lasting for years to come.

If you live in an area with fire danger, you may also be required to treat the shingles with a fire retardant for safety reasons.  Some communities that are prone to fires may not allow wood shingles at all.

A final note:  Make sure that the shingles are installed with strong stainless steel nails so that they don't rust and break over time.  Using poorer quality nails will cause shingles to become unsecured and can also cause leakage.  With the proper care, a wood shingle roof should last for 25-50 years.  Over those years, the wood will fade to a unique silver color which will add natural beauty to your home.  A roof is a significant investment but in the end you can be sure it will add value to your home.   

Need More Help From a Wood Shingle Roofing Professional?

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