Wood Shake Roofing

Wood shakes are similar to wood shingles but there are a few key differences that warrant them falling into their own roofing material category.  The main difference is in their thickness and their outward appearance.  Shakes are typically thicker than shingles and last longer (up to fifty years if properly cared for).  They are usually split by hand on at least one side and have more of a deep-grooved, rugged exterior. 

Installation Differences Between Shakes and Shingles

In terms of how they are installed, unlike shingles, shakes can be applied over a solid sheathing versus open sheathing.  The reason for this is that shakes (being the more rugged looking of the two) have deeper grooves that allow for more air circulation.  The more air circulation, the less risk of moss and fungus build up on the roof.  The rest of the installation process is fairly similar to shingles--it is labor intensive and requires a roofing professional.  It's also important to use high quality nails to allow for maximum roof life.

Cedar Shakes - A Beautiful Roofing Option

Cedar shakes are the most common shake material.  Why is this?  The main reason is because of their sleek and elegant appearance.  Their natural red color and rustic texture provide the perfect compliment to many home designs.  As a result, manufacturers of various alternate roofing materials (slate, metal and asphalt shingles) have products that are made to look like cedar shakes.  Imitation is the sincerest form or flattery, right?  Cedar also stands up well against high winds and hail which make them a strong performer in severe weather.  Where they lack, however, is in their ability to withstand water.  To extend the life of your cedar shakes it is important to keep them as dry as possible and also to clean them regularly.  You can also periodically apply a chemical sealant that will extend the life of your roof.  Either way, take care of these beauties and your roofing investment will pay off for years to come!

Need More Help From a Shake Roofing Professional?

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