Roll Roofing

Roll Roofing is the most common type of material for the quick fix, the do it yourselfer, or for small barns or sheds.  Another common name for this material is '90 pound felt' because one roll covers 100 square feet and usually weighs about 90 pounds.  It is one of the least expensive options and should not be considered a long term roofing solution as its typical lifespan is less than 10 years even with high quality installation.  The material itself is similar to asphalt shingles and is a surface that is covered with minerals with a heavy felt base coated in more asphalt for protection.

Roof Pitch

A key determining factor in whether your roof is a good candidate for roll roofing is the roof's overall pitch.  Roll roofing is not a great option if the pitch of your roof is steep.  Further, if the roof is completely flat, you will run into more problems with standing water and possible leakage so you should consider using double coverage selvage.  The ideal situation for roll roofing is to have at least a slight decline on the roof so that water can drain off.   

Tips for Roll Roof Installation

If you do decide to install the roll roofing yourself there are a few pointers your should keep in mind which we have listed below for you. Remember that you can save time and money by consulting with a trained roofing professional before trying to take the project on yourself.

  • Use underlayment beneath the roll roofing layer
  • Make sure the temperature is at least 50 degrees to avoid cracking
  • Avoid curled edges, make sure you have flattened the material before installation

Need More Help From a Roll Roofing Professional?

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