Clay and Tile Roofing

If you are interested in getting a clay or tile roof, chances are high that you live in the south or southwest where these types of roofs are most common.  Tile and clay has a very distinctive look which is something that must be considered when thinking about going down the tile route.  Your home design typically needs to be able to match a tile roof design.  Not just any house can look good with a tile roof so it's best to consult with a professional to see if you are a good candidate.

It's All About Style

So what are the different styles available in tile and clay?  The most common look is Mediterranean or Spanish which is the defining look of the southwest.  This style seems to be synonymous with the desert landscape.  Tile is offered in a wide variety of colors ranging from the standard red you see most often, to green, blue, grey and more.  In addition to color, tile is offered in a wide variety of physical configurations some which are meant to mimic the look of shake, shingles or slate.

Benefits of Clay or Tile

Aside from their unique visual and style benefits, clay or tile roofs have more attractive features to offer.  First, the material is known for being fireproof and carries a Class A rating which can give you and your family added safety and security.  Second, clay or tile is a very durable material often lasting 50 years or more if installed and maintained properly.  Also, tile commonly stands up better to strong storms and hurricanes due to its weight and durable properties.  Lastly, tile serves as an excellent insulator which can help you save on your heating and cooling bills. 

Can Your House Handle Clay or Tile?

Not all houses are built to handle a tile or clay roof.  Aside from the fact that the house may not have the style or aesthetic design to handle this specific look, you also need to consider whether the house can structurally support the material.  It is much heavier than other roof materials so you need to be sure your roof can handle the weight load.  Some manufacturers have lines of tile that are lighter in overall weight but in general this material is going to be heavy much like slate is.  Make sure you get advice from a roofing professional first to find out if tile will be an option for you.

Another point to consider is the cost.  Tile and clay are typically much more expensive to install because of the added labor involved.  In addition, the maintenance of this type of material can be more costly since the tile pieces can be brittle and break when being services by a roofing contractor. 

Need More Help From a Clay and Tile Roofing Professional?

If you require further assistance with Clay and Tile roofing installation, repair or replacement, we offer Free Roofing Estimates from local qualified roofing contractors. Our service is free and has no obligations to purchase.  Let us help you take the first step in getting your roofing project underway.