How To Find A Roof Leak

If you have discovered a roof leak in your home, it is important to pinpoint exactly where the water is penetrating the roof shingles so that a repair can be made. The best time to search for a roof leak is when it is raining, but your other option is to ask a helper to spray water from a garden hose onto the roof while you search inside your home for the tell-tale signs of dripping water. If your house has an attic, then this is the place to begin your search, because you may be able to see the underside of the roof decking. Remember water does not always drip directly under where a leak is located, so you must look closely to discover where the water is coming from.

Locating a Roof Leak

If your home has a vaulted ceiling with no accessible attic space, locating the leak may be more difficult, and you will have to search from the outside while on top of the roof. When inspecting your roof from the outside, first check these locations:

  • Any area that has curled, damaged, or missing roof shingles
  • Areas around roof penetrations like plumbing vents, chimneys, and skylights
  • Nail pops, if you have a shingled roof, or raised screw heads, if you have a metal roof

If any of these problematic areas look suspect, then you should seal them with some asphalt roofing tar. After the tar has dried, then wet the area with a garden hose and see if the roof leak has been fixed. If you do not feel comfortable working on roof tops, then hire a roofing contractor to inspect the roof for you. After the roof leak has been fixed, make sure to repair any water damage that has occurred.